Wenzhou, a man drunk also dare to hurt the police detained 20 days later-pppd-175

Wenzhou, a man drunk also dare to hurt when police detained 20 days recently, Wenzhou Taishun two men from the streets of drunkenness, eventually both in custody. What the hell did they do? Listen to the teacher Beth slowly to. This is: drink strong bravery, what thing can do? You hurt the police, detained regret late! In October 26th 2 pm, Wu man Panmou and drunken, came to Taishun County, Luo Yang Town street. When they go to the Metro booth, no reason for an electric car parked on the roadside repeatedly slapping, kicking etc.. Post personnel on duty to stop, two have been pushing and abuse. Subsequently, Taishun County Public Security Bureau Luo Yang police station rushed to the scene, the drunken Panmou actually even the police also beaten together. As a result, leading to the police fingers, arms and other injuries. Panmou and Wu drunken SAPO, warning after the fruit, was brought back to the police station for investigation. After the interrogation, Wu confessed that he and PAM something day in the town streets, a restaurant drinking nearly 4 bottles of bottles of wine, the results of the two hopelessly occurred farce…… At present, Wu Taishun police because of trouble was sentenced to administrative detention for 6 days, Panmou because of trouble and hinder the execution of duties was sentenced to 20 days of administrative detention punishment. According to the primary teacher understanding, at present the police was still identified, if to minor injuries, Panmou will be jailed.相关的主题文章:

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