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The bank can do what 89 ninety elderly paralyzed old granny Huang paralyzed in bed for many years, and now she was forced to go out, so the family also put her in a wheelchair, why is this? Just because she have to go to the old subsidy of agricultural bank own payment card data collection. In this regard, the bank explained that the door-to-door service only for clear awareness of special depositors, if the elderly unconscious, when the door can not sign a letter of attorney. According to reports, Granny Huang old age subsidy card is incomplete when opening an account, and now the banking system upgrade, need to complete the data complement. In public opinion, this is a common thing, the family took the old data to run to the bank, or the bank to fill in the relevant information can be, but the reality is a 89 year old man was paralyzed on the wheelchair to go to the bank for this call, feel then? That customer is God, the old man got a little in a complete mess, which is God’s style? In recent years, many people experience some of the bank’s rigid and indifferent. Because the bank must adhere to the scene I changed the password, Xi’an a seven year old man ill was 120 ambulance to the bank door, then a stretcher into a business hall, finally completed this procedure by fingerprints. Guangdong Gaozhou City, an old man due to stroke incapacitatethem, son to take money to local rural credit cooperatives had to be rejected, sick old man pulled credit in the bank, the old man finally sudden death. As for the requirement that I must be present, the bank claims that it is governed by rules and regulations, with the aim of protecting the safety of the funds and personal information of the clients. Such a provision is not wrong, but the system is dead, people are living, in the face of the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, banks can not be a simple mechanical implementation of the provisions, but from the humanized service perspective, open up Easy Access for it, to be handled in a more flexible way. In fact, early in the month of 1 2009, Chinese banking association self-discipline committee had issued "on the serious Laoruobingcan special customers do the humanized service of the emergency notice", requiring the creation of special customer Easy Access, to counter extension of door-to-door service, "on the premise of effective risk prevention, to do it can not visit the counter seriously sick and elderly and other special customer on-site service counter extension". But from the actual situation, some of the bank’s home service is still non-existent, far from the true humanization. According to the ABC network to yellow granny do business person in charge of their on-site service and customer communication only and client, signed a legally recognized entrustment agreement, and then by the client with the entrustment agreement to transact business outlets. Like granny Huang, she can’t sign the letter of attorney, so she can only let the client come to the business hall. Do not say first, this so-called home service just signed a trust agreement, not the public expectations of the counter at home, single is "clear consciousness can be door-to-door service, unconsciousness to door-to-door service", let people do not understand, what is the logic? If the old man has clear awareness and convenient operation, he can accompany his children to the bank for business. Really need the bank to provide door-to-door service, not just like Huang granny such a special customer? If the so-called door-to-door service is just theory

银行能为九旬瘫痪老人做什么   89岁的黄老太瘫痪在床多年,如今她却被迫外出了,家属为此还把她绑在轮椅上,这是为什么呢?只因为她得亲自去农业银行补录自己的高龄补贴发放卡资料。对此,银行解释称,上门服务只针对意识清晰的特殊储户,老人若意识不清,上门时无法签订委托书。   据报道,黄老太高龄补贴卡在开户时资料不全,现在银行系统升级,需要将资料补充完整。在公众看来,这本是一件普通小事,由家人拿着老人的资料跑一趟银行,或银行方面上门填写相关信息即可,可现实却是一位89岁的瘫痪老人被绑上轮椅去银行办理,这叫人情何以堪?都说客户是上帝,这位被折腾得七荤八素的老人,哪有半点上帝的气派?   近年来,不少人领教了一些银行的死板和冷漠。因为银行坚持“改密码必须本人到场”,西安一位七旬病重老人被120急救车送到银行门口,再用担架抬进营业大厅,终于完成了按指印这道程序。广东高州市一位老人由于中风无法行动,儿子代为到当地农信社取钱被拒,只得将病重的老人拉到信用社,老人最终在银行猝死。   对于“本人必须到场”这一规定,银行方面声称是规章制度规定的,目的是保护客户资金安全、个人信息。这样的规定本身没有错,但制度是死的,人是活的,面对老人、残疾人等特殊群体,银行不能简单机械地执行规定,而应从人性化服务的角度出发,为其开辟绿色通道,以更灵活的方式予以办理。   事实上,早在2009年1月,中国银行业协会自律工作委员会就曾下发《关于为严重老弱病残等特殊客户做好人性化服务的紧急通知》,要求开设特殊客户绿色通道,做好柜台延伸上门服务,“在有效防范风险的前提下,做好针对确不能亲临柜台的严重老弱病残等特殊客户的柜台延伸上门服务”。但从现实情况看,一些银行的上门服务仍形同虚设,离真正的人性化相距甚远。据给黄老太办业务的农行网点负责人介绍,他们的上门服务只是和客户及客户委托人沟通,签订法律认可的委托协议,然后由委托人拿着委托协议到网点办理业务。像黄老太这样意识不清的,无法签委托书,只能让客户亲自来营业厅办理。   先不说,这种所谓的上门服务只是签订委托协议,并非公众期望的柜台到家,单是“意识清楚的可以上门服务,意识不清的无法上门服务”,就让人搞不懂,这是什么逻辑?如果老人意识清楚、行动方便,完全可以在子女陪同下前往银行办理业务。真正需要银行提供上门服务的,不正是像黄老太这样的特殊客户吗?如果所谓上门服务只是从银行方面的利益考量,而忽略了消费者的实际需求,那又算什么人性化?   为特殊客户做好人性化服务,不能止于呼吁和倡导。有关部门和银行业协会应尽快梳理服务流程,制定服务细则,使绿色通道、柜台延伸更具操作性,在有效防范风险的前提下,为特殊人群提供更体贴周到的服务,避免类似老人被绑上轮椅去银行的荒唐事再度上演。   □张枫逸 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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