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What complications should be avoided in intraspinal tumor surgery? – the Sohu is a primary tumor or metastatic tumor of spinal cord, nerve root, spinal cord, adipose tissue and vascular tissue. Intraspinal tumors can occur in any age group, but in 20 to 60 of the population. The effective treatment of intraspinal tumors is surgical resection of the tumor. So, what are the complications of surgical treatment of intraspinal tumors for the doctor? Department of Neurosurgery First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University professor Yan Yi said; "is the need to focus on prevention of surgical complications of spinal surgery in the Department of Neurosurgery, simple for patients friend intraspinal tumor surgery complications may occur." 1, infection. Intraspinal tumor surgery, postoperative infection rate is very high, the reason is that most operation is needed to open the dura, easily lead to the source of infection in intracranial infection, cause serious complications such as hemorrhage, meningitis; 2. Department of Neurosurgery surgery, once the bleeding, the consequences will be more serious. In general, the spine neurosurgeons usually use bipolar coagulation hemostasis, sometimes lumbar tumor resection, will cause the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid to reduce intracranial pressure, and the occurrence of intracranial hemorrhage. Moreover, in recent years, the development of minimally invasive microsurgery technology has been effective in the control of spinal cord tumor resection, 3. Intraspinal tumors can affect the spine, after a long period of time, the spine will be significantly deformed, or lateral or kyphosis, because the surgery need to consider whether the patient needs to be internal fixation to protect the stability of the spine. Professor Yan Yi said: any surgery are more likely to have complications. It is a part of the risk of surgery, spine surgery for neurosurgeon, the risk is inevitable, but it can be reduced as much as possible. In recent years, with the development of microsurgery, using surgical microscope, electrophysiological test, the risk of surgery and complications have been able to get good control, don’t worry too much about the hope that the friends of patients without treatment, leading to the aggravation of the disease and treatment increased difficulty.相关的主题文章:

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