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Hardware Water is the most direct laptop tragic death of the killer, but there will be a lot of people tend to overlook a lot of potential "water." As you know, because small notebook motherboard, integrated desktop motherboard .pared to much higher, thus leading to the production costs are high. If the motherboard unexpected occurs, PACKARD BELL EasyNote F0336 Battery ,replace the whole motherboard costs generally account for about one third of the price, because such incidents are part of the general human error, not out of warranty, therefore the cost of repairs can be said is arrogance stare tongue. Maintenance of high-end motherboard products are more than 900 Dollars. How to avoid water killer injuries? First, using a laptop to keep the environment dry. Second, as far as possible, while using a laptop with water to maintain a certain distance, such as the side with a laptop while drinking tea, with wet hands using a laptop, and so are bad habits, it is easy for notebook water, thereby damaging the notebook. Water is very easily damaged laptop motherboard Status of the water suddenly encountered a laptop, never panic. First to the fastest power off press the power button (not to approach the daily shutdown, short circuit or motherboard may have already burned and then, the laptop PACKARD BELL EasyNote F0335 Battery (This is the first need to be removed, the action must be fast) remove , so the battery continues to power the motherboard. immediately tilt the notebook over, so the liquid inside flows out as much as possible and some articles that notebook with a hair dryer to dry, which seemed to have a friend follow it, but this approach useless, and we may not seen the notebook’s internal structure, basically a lot of laptop internal plastic .ponents, if the hair dryer blowing, then it is likely to cause thermal deformation of the plastic .ponents, simply make matters worse, even to blow also must use cold wind. Finally, mainly in the life of lithium battery charge and discharge cycles, this cycle is an absolute concept, for example, if you last used a 30% power, full power, the next time they use 70% of the electricity, and full of power, the happens to be a charge cycle, not two, so those who prefer the rechargeable battery of the players themselves to do it together, do in fact accelerated the end of PACKARD BELL EasyNote Minos GP3W Battery life. The source of some misunderstanding This exhaustion of the battery recharge time is derived from the ancient NICD batteries, this nickel-cadmium batteries have memory effect, if the hold to make electricity, the battery will increase with the frequency of use less and less shows the status of electricity Later, the NIMH battery, in fact, has no significant memory effect, but still need regular charge and discharge .pletely to maintain its normal power display, which is some Japanese Ni-MH battery charger provides the principle of refresh function The lithium battery was virtually no memory effect, of course, or after prolonged use charge will be slightly inaccurate curve, Apple provides a simple ical prompts you to charge and discharge the battery time correction, but does not require very high frequency. A small battery and let the laptop unlimited broad prospects for development; the lack of a small battery, mobile PC has finally gone dead end. Shows the importance of the battery has been unusual. As people demand more from mobile office, notebook sales surge in the past two years, and more lightweight, easy to carry. However, the mobile office is not only required the lighter the better laptop, its battery life determines whether you can successfully .plete its work. Centrino technology to the public, making the current mainstream notebook standby time has reached more than 3-4 hours, half a day to meet the basic needs of their work. If you only as a desktop to laptop to use, then the battery may not be concerned about. But with the popularity of wireless Internet access, a .puter will only limit the power line, in which case, battery-powered greatly enhance the chance. However, the rechargeable PACKARD BELL EasyNote MZ36 Battery is not a once and for all, its life will be determined based on the number of charging and discharging. Such as lithium batteries are now mainstream, the depth of about 300-500 times can take charge and discharge, after power failure will be quickly, until I can not use. In the secondary market, the most criticism is the battery aging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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