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When the reality into the game "fight" movie adventure through static mushroom Jun PA RPG "list of Japan Mobile Games fight mushroom Jun" official static film "dark eclipse wars" through the adventure game player officially opened the "Spartan" with a holy knight mood to copy of the game, but there has been a series of him the unexpected story, but the real hidden behind these anchaoxiongyong story is an epic war is quietly coming…… The first look at the handsome bear Qi, butterfly pig "and other well-known COSER in the" fight "in the movie mushroom King static wonderful makeup as the" fight "mushroom Jun official static film dark eclipse to bear, Yin Chuan Qi: Butterfly pig, Cang feather and other famous Coser along with the interpretation of mysterious adventure through the wonderful, compact story, intense different world battle, when you turned into a adventure into this game, and cursed is what feeling? I don’t know, but if things get worse, we can’t just sit here and wait for death! The game and the reality of the wall is broken, an unprecedented adventure is coming to you… "Fight" static "dark mushroom King Movie eclipse wars" series is about to open, COS Geleiliya finally bear Qi will go where? The Dark Goddess of the dispute which wins? Concerned about the official micro-blog, post bar and other platforms, adventure story to know! Official WeChat: zdbmgj Baidu Post Bar: fight it mushroom Jun Sina micro-blog: @ fight mushrooms相关的主题文章:

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