Who is a practicing physician Ouyang wind Fake experts played more than 10 years (video)-y580

Who is a practicing physician Ouyang wind? More than 10 years to play fake expert physicians and physicians practicing certificate qualifications, but every day in the hospital prescription, the treatment of various Difficult miscellaneous diseases "experts", but looked at how wrong…… Recently, experts have always felt that the problem of the public Mr. Lee tried to report to law enforcement agencies, did not expect a boils, this is actually a routine deep "Li Gui", almost even law enforcement officers lied to the past. What’s going on? Take a look at this liar metamorphosis…… The doctor is an expert but I think what’s wrong in the planning of health supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau received reports from the public, said a hospital suspected of "expert" Ouyang Feng (a pseudonym) physician identity problems, doctors in this hospital introduction, he is from Chongqing to other provinces to the experts, but the experts see although there is a kind of mold but, unlike the details of interrogation expert. After receiving the report, law enforcement officers immediately went to the hospital andrology expert consulting room conducted a surprise inspection, when experts Ouyang Feng is prescribing prescription for patients. See law enforcement officers, Ouyang wind calm, immediately took the original identity card, and the doctor qualification certificate and a copy of the certificate of practicing doctor. A few documents are displayed, Ouyang wind is its own, documents and photos of the same. In order to further verify clearly, in the health supervision of law enforcement officers immediately contact in the public security bureau to assist in the investigation, the true identity, and verify its physician qualification certificate and doctor in the national medical information management system in the situation of practicing certificate. Survey results show that the man is to provide a valid ID card, even the bank card holders held by the Ouyang wind". A copy of the doctor’s qualification certificate and the doctor’s certificate of practice can be found in the National Health Planning Commission’s physician information management system. There is expert "Ouyang style" but has to work in Hubei "we also looked at the scene 6 Ouyang wind physician diagnosed outpatient medical records, there are some patients from consulting room banner." Law enforcement officials said, in the raid scene, everyone was even worried about wronged a good doctor, the name of noble character and high prestige but at the time, all the law enforcement idea is to carefully check, fine to ask. "We simply start with his experience and look backwards." Law enforcement officials said, who had named, what identity is true or false, will leave traces. So, the law enforcement officers began practicing certificate of Ouyang Feng’s doctors practicing experience verified one by one, Chongqing – Beijing – Nanjing – Hunan Huaihua, Shuntengmogua all the way, like cocoon stripping. Finally, to the hospital of Shishou City of Hubei province the first registered in the verification, a major discovery: that the hospital had a doctor "Ouyang Feng", and has been working in the hospital. In such a conclusive evidence, the man of "expert" bow to tell the truth: he is false! Originally, its real name is Ouyang Yun, practicing doctor Ouyang wind is his brother. He did not obtain physician relevant qualifications, while the younger brother, and he was under the guise of this identity to remote medical practice. Brother brother when the identity of the black medicine for 11 years the truth? Health supervision law enforcement officers then rushed to Hubei, the joint local health, public security, people相关的主题文章:

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