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Who often have a sense of bruise? Be careful of these diseases around you is a small white, sometimes feel no knock not touch but always black neither painful nor itching, here there is a piece of purple, watching the thief thief was scary, Xiao Bian’s mother was also asked: if someone hit you? _ (3: his / _) although the mother think too much, but I really want to know why I always bruises? Why do people bruise? We see the skin bruising, is under the skin blood capillary burst out of the blood, is the heroic sacrifice of the red blood cell bodies. According to the bruises of different sizes, they will have a different name, or petechial bleeding (5 mm diameter), if a large area, and protruding from the skin surface and wave motion, is the hematoma. There are unexplained bruises, it may be several reasons! To understand the reasons for the occurrence of stasis, we first study the normal body of the hemostatic process. When the body is injured when bleeding first damaged local vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow through the partial reduction of bleeding; then, the coagulation process in the body is started, platelet and coagulation factors formed by the aggregation of blood clot blockage in the blood vessel damage and achieve hemostasis. Blood vessels, platelets and coagulation factors are involved in the process of hemostasis, which factors may cause bleeding. Thrombocytopenia seize the time to find the cause, when it is serious, we all know that platelets are responsible for the coagulation of the blood of the main force, if it becomes less, it will make the skin ah organs are very easy to bleed. This kind of blood stasis caused by blood stasis is called thrombocytopenic purpura. Thrombocytopenia is harmful, easy to cause the mouth and nose bleeding, menstrual changes, dizziness and headache, severe and even life-threatening condition of gastrointestinal bleeding, hematochezia, so be sure not to let down. Thrombocytopenic purpura can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common reason is that autoimmune problems, resulting in antibodies, so that thrombocytopenia (that is, playing their own). In addition, it may be the cause of thyroid disease and hypersplenism. The treatment of purpura depends mainly on hormone and immunosuppressive agents and splenectomy, in severe cold or infection recurrence after simple purpura. Nothing thing, they will be good and simple purpura in women’s menstrual period, mostly recurrent bleeding or bruising in the lower limbs, buttocks skin, after pressing may fade, mainly with capillary wall abnormalities. Some of the patients had positive arm test. This may be a lot of people (including myself) often appear, but simple purpura on people’s health is not much impact, in general, it is good on their own, do not have to do any special treatment. Allergic purpura need medicine to treat allergic purpura in children and adolescents may love attacks, and Streptococcus, virus infection, related food or insect bites, through a series of immune reaction, let the capillaries, small blood vessels and peripheral inflammation, which increased vascular permeability, erythrocyte extravasation, showed some symptoms with ecchymosis led the. Allergic purpura may also affect the kidney and joint or gastrointestinal tract, if there is pain, diarrhea, hematochezia and gastrointestinal bleeding and other symptoms is gastrointestinal purpura; if the swollen joint.相关的主题文章:

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