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Why do we always talk about human nature in zombie movies? Text / Sina column boiled entertainment on Tuesday in the plot and not too many unexpected circumstances, the Busan line is still very shocked to see. Read in the micro-blog wrote a paragraph: "very good-looking. That is very nice with big eyes and bushy eyes, standard. Think about it, but there is nothing to say. The success of commercial films, is the point of success has been preset, even praise it is written for you."   and then can not help but see a variety of film reviews.   man is a strange creature, and prefers to talk about human nature in zombie movies. It seems that we have to care about the problem of human nature when we are not to be an adult.   as in micro-blog feeling that almost all the comments are only in one direction, as has the omniscient point of view of spectators, we seemed to be fearless of death for a just cause from education to purify the soul. So it really can be as simple as a key upgrade, watching a movie to upgrade their soul version?   "Busan" is a textbook Level movie can easily accuse the wicked (there is no doubt that the bad guys must be that the rich and powerful). It’s easy to identify the good guys (wrestlers, the little ones who send out the brilliance of humanity). Can easily be touched by the awakening of human nature (male, from a selfish fund manager into a sacrifice for the daughter of a good father).   business is very perfect, very typical of the people, very accurately guide the audience’s emotions and values. By the command of the feeling is very convenient, especially such a right command.   but always feel like something’s wrong. Where is it? We are not in the regret and blame, reflect human cowardly, selfish and cruel? Not in the little girl who saw the human pure and beautiful nature? It is not from the change of the Lord that the awakening and greatness of love? We even ruthlessly self review it, feel certainly not without shortcomings, but as long as you like men, but also can complete the redemption can be noble up. Think about the rest of the human heart feel relieved. Feeling a little wrong, maybe this is the same direction. Are there any questions that you dare not answer according to the standard answer? Everyone has their own bottom line. The process of viewing it unconsciously into the silence: Well, I would never use someone else’s death to change his life. Well, if I can escape, I’m willing to save others.   but, if I save a lot, I might die, or save?   honest heart, most people I am afraid it is difficult to say categorically without thinking a "to" word.   when a car in the face of the fear of death, do not open the decision, as spectators, we know that a few people did not carry the virus we could not help but become the embodiment of justice, sensual all human evil efforts to discuss. &n)相关的主题文章:

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