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Why not broaden the channels of income? Why do not disturb the market to broaden the channels to increase income? "Fake" private hall "originally we also want to provide karaoke, board games, PS games and interactive entertainment facilities in the private rooms, but sell movies do not make money, who would dare to get new business." Seattle staff told reporters that the first three quarters of this year at the box office data, ACTO rose 24 in Chongqing studios, but private business hall has been a loss. The frustration of the staff, not from the theater pricing, and more of the whole industry is weak. Seattle dream space shouted difficult to do business with similar private hall like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. 20 dollars for a movie to see what are, even some private hall and deluxe. These "fake" video sources alone are regular, many private channels are not even the fire safety office. When it comes to the development of the private office, Seattle staff said, has caused the movie into the operating pressure, the vicious competition outside the informal private hall, so the business in Chongqing and the country are very difficult to do. The country is developing response measures to regulate the private office market inside and outside attack formal private rooms, there is no money? The Municipal Cultural Committee film director He Hongyuan told reporters, at present, Chongqing is the only Seattle compliance of private rooms, most of the other so-called private theaters are pirated sources, no screening qualification certificate. He Hongyuan said that the current SARFT is making some relevant measures to strengthen the private office, office management and specification. At the same time, along with the policy, or formal private plans will be more and more, let more people enjoy the high quality viewing experience.相关的主题文章:

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