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Will the peace zone be built to see your home? In the face of the baby boom, the preschool education resources increasingly tense, how to solve the problems of the kindergarten crunch? The day before, Heping District vice mayor Yang Shuai guest of Tianjin radio and television news broadcast "public servants" into the live show that will take three measures to allow more children to enjoy the quality of preschool education. Heping District vice mayor Yang Shuai said, in order to effectively alleviate the "kindergarten crunch" problem, we have adopted three measures: one is the expansion of eighth kindergarten, increase the degree of resource. Eight kindergarten is a public kindergarten, located at No. 32 Xingan Road, No. 6, currently open classes in the class, recruit students of the 180. In order to meet the admission requirements, after careful selection, the government invested 68 million 500 thousand yuan to buy the site 100 meters distance kindergarten Rong Ji Street No. 20 (formerly with the club), then invested 60 million yuan for seismic retrofit, the upgrade for the kindergarten, the project is currently under construction, is expected to be completed by the end of. After the completion of the 10 classes can be opened to accommodate up to 300 students, an increase of more than 120 degrees. (with the club) two is the mining of existing resources, to meet the admission requirements. At the moment, we tap the internal potential of kindergartens, local transformation, increase the number of children classes; appropriate increase in class capacity, increase teachers. For example, peace five young, eight young, the young are all through the local transformation of the local, the addition of a total of 1 nursery classes, expanding the size of the enrollment of the eleven. Three is to explore preschool education service multi-level and multi form, such as the use of affiliated room held nine young half day classes, near the community more school-age children meet admission requirements. Next, we will ensure the quality of the project on the basis of speeding up the progress of the construction of eighth kindergartens, completed by the end of September next year, put into use. At the same time, regulate and support the development of private kindergartens, do a good job in various types of kindergarten grading and classification of acceptance, so that more children enjoy high-quality pre-school education.相关的主题文章:

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