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The woman reported leadership corruption and sentenced to four years for defamation complaint completely innocent interview with Chen Chunru character: Chen Chunru, female, born in 1962, tangshan. Interview background: since May 2004, the Agricultural Bank of Tangshan City branch of Chinese town of Fengrun District Procuratorate, Department staff Chen Chunru began to Fengrun District of Tangshan City Tangshan City procuratorate reported the alleged economic problems in December 2008, leading to the court, guilty of libel and sentenced Chen Chunru life imprisonment in one year and six months. After the sentence, Chen Chunru embarked on a long road to appeal. 8 years later, the case three times after the retrial, the retrial time two. During the period, she received a conditional innocent verdict, but she was not satisfied, continue to appeal. In October 28th this year, Chen Chunru finally received the Hebei Provincial High Court retrial verdict, again acquitted. October 30th, on the grounds of the appeal of the rights and interests of the people and the hardships of the road, Chen Chunru accepted an interview with the China Daily reporter. Think, the deduction of wages she stormed China Daily: corruption report, Ru (rú) the word is uncommon, its name is rare, what is the significance? Chen Chunru: (laughs), Ru is a kind of plant, spring flowers have particularly bright, mother gave me the hope of my life is bright. China Daily: when to get the verdict of acquittal, then what do you think? Chen Chunru: the morning of October 28th from the high court of Hebei province got the "absolute acquittal" notice, with emotion, joy and sorrow. Who is after years of complaints, finally got a "thorough verdict of innocence, sorrow is a review of 12 years of arduous and long road. China Daily: why is called absolute innocence or completely innocent verdict? Chen Chunru: in October 2012, after many complaints, I got the Tangshan City intermediate people’s Court of "not guilty", but the court found my report is a false accusation, infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of informants, disrupting the normal activities of the judiciary, declared my innocence is considering the subjective malignant small, if the circumstances are obviously minor crime, social harm is not. I was not satisfied with the verdict, calling it a conditional". The verdict of innocence is not consistent, so I call it "absolutely innocent judgment" or "complete acquittal"". China Daily: some readers do not understand, why do you put a good job is not to report the leadership of corruption and bribery, do not consider the consequences? Chen Chunru: before I wrote the letter, I have been working in the Agricultural Bank of China for 18 years, is the old staff, but also a business expert. The report is because the former governor who often withheld my salary benefits, I reflect many times to no avail, so go on the road of human rights. China Daily: you have to report to the Department, is the real name or anonymous, the main content of the report is what? Chen Chunru: I have to report to the discipline inspection department, Tangshan City Agricultural Bank of China Tangshan City Fengrun District Procuratorate, Tangshan City procuratorate real name, main content is the former president of corruption, bribery, and the debtor who colluded with the evasion of bank debt caused the loss of state assets, involving an amount of 17相关的主题文章:

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