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Pregnant women diagnosed with gynecological diseases in Wuxi Hospital Department of Putian by the end of Modern Express News (reporter Zhu Jingrun) in September this year, more than and 30 year old Ms. Zhou because of abdominal pain, to the hospital in the city of Wuxi. In the process of waiting for the visit, Ms. Zhou met two "patients", the two enthusiastic "patients" said in Wuxi Hua Zhuang area has a Wuxi love clinic, there are not only experts from the big city, but also the treatment of gynecological Difficult miscellaneous diseases with a hand. The doctor is eager to Ms. Zhou listen to two words, went Wuxi love clinic, which is a department of Putian hospital. Modern Express reporter learned that there is only one person qualified medical staff, out of the laboratory report is followed by the template in the computer. The day before, 13 and Wuxi love Yituo clinic called medical personnel suspected of fraud, Wuxi police yiguoduan. Ms. Zhou entered the Wuxi love clinic in Yituo’s introduction, the results here "doctors" diagnosis of serious gynecological diseases, not only need to take medicine and surgery, Ms. Zhou and spent 8000 yuan, did not improve symptoms. So, she went back to the regular hospital, only to find that their problems are not so serious. Ms. Zhou just react is cheated, then the alarm to the Public Security Bureau of Wuxi city Nanchang Branch Golden station. Police investigation found that the victim and more than one person. There are victims said that during the operation, the Department of Wuxi, the Department of outpatient operation room love love has been smoking, the patient was not scared." Police investigators, the clinic was established in 2006, is located in Wuxi Park Road, No. 2. This year has been changed several bosses, are Fujian Putian people. "Some bosses are here to make money, and then go." More surprising is that only one person has the qualification of the outpatient clinic, the other so-called medical staff have only learned nursing. What is the steady flow of business in that hospital? It is understood that the hospital behind a Yituo team, these Yituo according to the arrangement, two people or three people to form a group, pretending to be ill to the hospital for special people echoed each other. Lie over the patient, the hospital to give Yituo 45% commission. The hospital to help the patient to do the inspection is not reliable, they have a few sets of checks in the computer template, to the patient’s inspection report is a template." Police handling the case, the hospital used a fictitious laboratory single, exaggerating the condition of the patient’s method to allow the victim to spend a large amount of medical expenses fraud. November 1st morning, Wuxi police arrest group, soldier points a few road winning Yituo Xiamou, celebrate a 13 people, and seized the hospital, captured the legal representative of Lu Moumou and the medical staff of 13 people. People regret is that a 28 year old woman in Wuxi found love in outpatient department was closed down, before going to the police station. Not long ago, she was diagnosed with severe gynecological diseases in this hospital, not only issued anti-inflammatory drugs, doctors here also suggested surgery. When the woman went to a regular hospital review, only to find themselves pregnant. Up to now, there have been hundreds of victims, most cheated on the medical expenses of $10000. The police reminded the public not to believe in other people’s exaggerated words, for their own health.相关的主题文章:

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