Women get acquainted with mine bosses in making friends websites and get cheated 1 million 900 thous-mcncc

The woman in the dating site with "mine boss" cheated 1 million 900 thousand original title: woman thought to find a life partner cheated 1 million 900 thousand times JINGWAH news (reporter Zhang Sijia) Zhang in a dating website and Ms. Jiao met. Zhang lied that he had divorced and operated mines in Henan and other places. Since then, Ms. Jiao and Zhang fell in love. This thought to find the life partner of Ms. Jiao did not expect, in the name of housing mortgage, loan 1 million 900 thousand yuan to Zhang, Zhang disappeared. Zhang was sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment and appealed. At present, the case is still in the second instance. According to the Fengtai procuratorate prosecutor to undertake the case introduction, October 2012, Zhang and Ms. Jiao met in a dating website, Zhang claimed to divorce, operating in Henan mining factory. Ms. Jiao’s husband died a few years ago, and she lived alone. After a period of time, Ms. Jiao felt that Zhang could share his life with him. At the end of December 2012, Ms. Zhang said he wants to focus, to open a new factory in Guizhou, not enough money in hand, she let the mortgage house, money turnover. Ms. Jiao agreed. Ms. Zhang left Beijing coke, get 1 million 900 thousand yuan of mortgage loans to the post, said is to visit Guizhou new plant. Initially, Zhang also often with Ms. Jiao on the phone, also on time to repay the loan. Later, Ms. Zhang alienated coke, and refused to answer the phone. In early 2014, Ms. Jiao alarm. The undertaker, in March 26, 2015, Fengtai police arrested Zhang in Guizhou county. According to Zhang confessed that he bought a refinery with small part of coke from MS to cheat more than 190 yuan, and later due to poor management will transfer to others. The rest of the money bought a car, and a part of the money in Guizhou bought a house, and his wife live together. It is understood that Zhang claimed and Jiao lady is true feelings, not cheating. In the first instance, Zhang was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment and ordered to pay 1 million 900 thousand yuan to the victim and fined 200 thousand. Zhang dissatisfied with the first instance verdict appeal. At present, the case is still in trial of second instance. Editor in chief: Qu Yuan SN117

女子在交友网站上结识“矿山老板”被骗190万   原标题:女子以为找到人生伴侣被骗190万   京华时报讯(记者张思佳)张某在一婚恋交友网站上与焦女士相识。张某谎称他已经离异,在河南等地经营矿山。此后,焦女士与张某相恋。本以为找到人生伴侣的焦女士没有想到,在将名下房屋抵押,贷款190万元交给张某后,张某消失了。张某一审被判有期徒刑13年,提起上诉。目前,该案还在二审中。   据丰台检察院承办此案的检察官介绍,2012年10月,张某与焦女士在婚恋交友网站上相识,张某自称离异,在河南经营采矿厂。焦女士的丈夫几年前去世,她一个人带孩子生活。一段时间的相处后,焦女士觉得张某是可以和自己共度一生的人。   2012年12月底,张某对焦女士说,他想要在贵州开一个新矿厂,手头的钱不够,让她把房子抵押了,借钱周转。焦女士答应了。   焦女士回忆,张某拿到抵押贷款来的190万元后离开北京,说是去贵州考察新的矿厂。最初,张某还时常与焦女士通电话,也按时还贷款。后来,张某渐渐疏远焦女士,并拒接电话。   2014年初,焦女士报警。承办人介绍,2015年3月26日,丰台警方在贵州龙里县将张某抓获。据张某供述,他从焦女士处骗来的190余万元用小部分买了一个矿厂,后来由于经营不善就转让给别人了。剩下的钱一部分买了车,还用一部分钱在贵州买了一套房子,和其妻子一同居住。   据了解,张某声称和焦女士是有真感情的,不是骗。一审中张某被判有期徒刑13年,判令赔付被害人190万元,并处罚金20万。张某不满一审判决提起上诉。目前,该案还在二审审理中。 责任编辑:瞿� SN117相关的主题文章:

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