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The woman said the man woke up at midnight now Hotel bedside "I’ll give you 3 seconds" original title: Women wake up in the middle of a hotel bed man said "I only give you 3 seconds just past the National Day holiday, many people choose to travel. Recently, a few came from Shenzhen to Guangzhou to play the neighborhood reported that: when they go to sleep in the hotel at the time, actually found a strange man to open the door into the room to sit! What the hell is going on? This scene, occurred in the early morning of October 4th. Monitor screen display, a man leaned for a moment in the Hotel Room 305, then opened the door and went in. But at the time of the house is sleeping Qiu sister was a big jump, they do not know the man in the door! Qiu said that she is in Shenzhen, taking advantage of the National Day holiday, in September 30th, she and her boyfriend together, came to Guangzhou to play with his sister and another female friend, through mobile phone software in the hotel to make a continuous five double bed room, then stay in the hotel is 305. Miss Qiu quickly cross each other, but the other party to answer…… That stranger, Miss Qiu boyfriend immediately stop the leave, did not think it was a strange male abusive intimidation: I give 3 seconds of time, if you don’t go away, all of you have life risk! So Qiu, who had to leave it, followed by the police, the police took the man away. Qiu, who complained to the hotel, the hotel explained that it may be other guests into the wrong door. Under the requirements of Qiu and other people, the hotel guest information was checked, but can not find the man’s occupancy information. The hotel elevator is to use the credit card, and the man is in a place where there is no one, directly on the 3 floor. Miss Qiu believes that in this matter, the hotel has an inescapable responsibility. For Qiu reflect the situation, the reporter also came to someone’s chain hotel. After entering the shop, the reporter went to the elevator, the elevator was originally to brush the card to the next room, the reporter found that the card slot is inserted with a lift card, that is to say we don’t need a real card can fall on the hotel. The staff explained that this is because the morning to carry on linen Porter repeatedly, so has been inserted in the above, other times are off. The hotel: the customer did not shut the door to Room 305, the reporter saw the door outside, there is no exception. Removed, we contact the public relations department in charge of the hotel. The hotel said the day after they will actively deal with customers, and strengthen the security measures of the hotel. Reporters learned from the Haizhu Public Security Bureau, after the police arrived at the scene, the suspect took away the investigation. After investigation, the man drunk in the evening after wandering in the hotel channel, found that the door is not locked directly into the room. After the two sides will leave the police station mediation. Outside, a lot of people in the selection of the hotel, will be regarded as the most important factor in security. Although the hotel can provide a certain degree of security, but the security is often failure. Once the failure, the guests will inevitably fall into ya相关的主题文章:

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