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Wonderful man Wu head lady home daughter-in-law stole pants underwear frequently stolen by others, I do not know what to steal home. In desperation, the user quickly installed monitoring at home, I did not expect, really wait until the cover face brother, the arrival of. Today, we have to expose him…… The world is really big, Nothing is too strange! "His head out of the political arena, brother ray turned everyone: I saw" facepalm brother "head cover blue scarf, daftly villagers rushed to Bazhou yard, as if in a" killing pill". But his purpose, this seems to be a sexy lady trousers. At this time his heart is crying: "winter, brother to wear trousers!" In a flash, he’s on fire. Ha ha, after watching the video you laugh? This cover face brother in order to be too easy to become famous. According to the home Jianchapu Yuan village friends, male master Description: November 12th, daughter-in-law did a bunch of clothes in the yard, to collect the clothes at night, he found a woman to buy new trousers disappeared, but still empty hangers. Net friend wonder: is it carried away by the dog? Is it a thief? Wait, check the monitor. This investigation may not matter, "facepalm brother The case is entirely cleared.," appearance. Video surveillance is short, a series of actions that the man had one family to see themselves, even the home of a child saw his head wrapped in a blue scarf of the scene, were laughing. Friends said, summer yard to dry lady’s underwear, frequently stolen, but have not been caught, the family also specially installed monitoring. I did not expect this finally to him, 12 more than three pm while the family took a nap, he trotted straight trousers stole into the courtyard,. This is the market to buy new trousers daughter-in-law had winter wear it, who knows just a shampoo, "her face was brother away, not a woman wearing trousers so good? Netizens said that the most interesting thing is that his head is still wrapped in a blue scarf, where to? Near net friends, please look at your home blue scarf still do not, this scarf is the lady Shun? This man is very clever, the whole guard not to face exposed, seems to have long been known to monitor the yard, it seems to steal the trousers, also a lot of thought. I tell friends side to side straight yell: This pervert, really love, the next time he met ah, must close the dogs, give him a lesson! Funny scene after reading it, I have to say something, it also reminds us that the trousers. Winter came, really wear the trousers yo, young hotties in order to keep the image, always a pair of trousers on the winter. But after the old, got the old cold legs can suffer. Even the "facepalm brother" know to steal trousers to keep warm, baby, home wear trousers!相关的主题文章:

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