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Xbox One is selling well, or because of low prices and the game for a long time, Xbox One in sales has been lost to PlayStation in May 4, SONY announced that PlayStation in the world has sold more than 40 million units, compared with Xbox One and Wii U generation put together. And now, this situation is undergoing some changes: in July and in August, Xbox One series of North American market sales are more than PlayStation 4. The same thing happened in other areas: at the end of the month second last week, Xbox One S, the early August by Microsoft launched a thinner and lighter Xbox upgraded version of One, growth in the UK weekly sales rate reached 989%, nearly ten times the growth. In contrast, SONY’s September launch of the new PlayStation 4 Slim, which is a mini version of PlayStation 4, sales can only be said that in general, brought about a weekly growth of 22%. The entire market has 71% of the console hardware sales from Xbox One game consoles, an increase of 76% last year. Let Xbox One in the months ahead of PlayStation 4, the most important is the price and tied the game. Several times the price has made Xbox the original One game has become a very economical choice: now, you can spend $249 to buy a Xbox One, this price is already half of 2013 starting price. If you’re willing to pay a little more than 250 euros (about $278), then you can buy a GB of Xbox One S 500GB, plus a series of bundled games. Including the best football simulation game known as FIFA17. This also explains why in the UK, Xbox One S sales will grow so fast before the FIFA17 in the UK has not yet officially on sale, Xbox One S game bundling machine have been the first step to launch, some do not want to the game player so choose to buy a new game, but the game also supports the resolution of the 4K and Blu ray video game screen output. In front of the price and the game, the so-called user loyalty really does not affect: see Xbox One so engage, PlayStation 4 can not help but. They also introduced such as FIFA17 and Lego in the UK: "Star Wars" PlayStation 4 binding force awakening version, and bring the price down to 149.99 euros (about $166.1), the last week of the month, PlayStation 4 game series to return to the UK sales charts. Look, Xbox.相关的主题文章:

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