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Xi’an launched heavy air pollution of motor vehicles will limit the western network emergency response (Shanyu Yan Liu Wang) reporter from the Xi’an municipal government information office was informed that the office today (November 14th) afternoon Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency command, to the county government, the Development Zone Management Committee, the relevant municipal departments, the relevant units issued a notice on the start, heavy air pollution in Xi’an III emergency response notice said: in November 13th 12, the headquarters office will I heavy air pollution blue warning upgraded to a yellow warning. 17 days ago in November 14th 6 when the Central Meteorological Station "environmental meteorological bulletin" forecast: parts of meteorological condition of air pollution in North Central and southern, northern Huang Huai, Shaanxi and other places in 4 to 5, with a mild to moderate haze, local severe haze. Environmental protection, the meteorological department forecast in consultation, our future 3 ambient air quality will be in a moderate level of pollution, some time will continue to appear severe pollution, achieve the "Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft)" the provisions of the conditions of heavy pollution of air start level emergency response. Submitted for approval by the headquarters office of the deputy commander, now I decided to start heavy air pollution in the city level III emergency response, the county government, development zone and the relevant departments of the municipal emergency response grade based on implementing measures, organize and implement the following emergency measures: first, the environmental protection department supervision of coal-fired boiler unit with high quality coal; two, the public security departments to enforce the ban on the timely release of motor vehicle limit line notice, well within the city of motor vehicles (except special vehicles) limit line, limit line ratio of not less than 20% (statutory holidays and public holidays are not limited to); 3rd Ring Rd (including three) within the scope of the yellow car, three cars, construction waste and muck truck, gravel transport vehicles and other heavy vehicles forbidding work; three, construction, municipal, transportation, water, rail transportation, shantytowns management supervision Guide for emergency repair and construction units in addition to special needs to stop such operations; four, city management departments to carry out the city wash activities; the supervision of emergency handling and special needs of the site, unearthed in the demolition site and construction waste consumptive field stop operation; five, the business sector supervision and coal trading market to stop open-air screening operations six, the meteorological department; depending on the situation of the implementation of artificial rainfall (snow) operations; seven, Department of transportation, Metro administration to increase public transport capacity guarantee. (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network) Note: video only for extended reading. Air heavy pollution emergency response level III相关的主题文章:

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