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Xi’an people found the ice snow can call 12319 hotline municipal newspaper news (reporter Wei Xin) today, the city officially launched in the snow and ice work plan, to ensure that municipal overpass under ramp, pedestrian bridge, tunnel and important sections do not appear to snow, ice, to protect the safety of public travel. People found to have snow and ice on the road, you can call the hotline 12319 to reflect municipal. It is reported that the municipal authorities set up 18, more than 1000 professional ice, snow removal work team. Equipped with various types of snow removal machinery more than 120 units, dedicated snow shovel more than and 500, reserve environmental protection snowmelt agent more than 250 tons. In order to ensure emergency treatment, 2 emergency rescue teams were set up. By March 15, 2017, municipal departments will focus on the removal of 100 overpass, bridge, municipal jurisdiction of underground tunnels on the ramp, 146 pedestrian bridge deck and steps, Metro Plaza, Yanta Road, South Gate Street, Fengcheng Road, eight road, new road, combat Fangwei road and other 16 major road snow and ice. At the same time, the timely removal of overpass and pedestrian bridge at the ice downpipe to eliminate safety hazards. In accordance with the requirements of the snow falls within half an hour (including holidays), facilities at the municipal department staff must be rushed to the jurisdiction of the view, for the overpass, bridge is the location of snow throwing snow melting agent, if the continuous snowfall, snow depth is deep, will be cleared at polishingmethod by mechanical and artificial mating and before the snow melting agent. If the pedestrian have snow, municipal departments will be closed to pedestrian ramp, people stepping on the deck and bridge of snow. If the snow continues, the municipal departments will promptly throw snow melt agent to ensure that the road, the bridge does not freeze. It is worth noting that people such as the overpass bridge bridge hanging ice, ice downpipe etc., please call the hotline 12319 to reflect municipal, not allowed to deal with, so as to avoid accidents. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video is only extended reading this year, Xi’an municipal key projects to promote the steady progress of a total investment of 455 million相关的主题文章:

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