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Xi’an Zhang Lingfu cemetery tombstone was leaving the word: the villain – Sohu of Xi’an news people sinners Zhang Lingfu cemetery vandalism tombstone left the word "the villain, people’s sinners in September 20th around 10 in the morning, Xi’an Changan District East Village Zhang Lingfu cemetery was destroyed, engraved with" Zhang Ling Fu general and his wife Ms. Xing Qiongying’s burial tomb "the tombstone was in red paint and wrote" the villain, people sinners "eight characters. Destroyer Wang said, now his life in Canada, the main purpose is to hope to everyone on the historical reflection and discussion through their own behavior caused. Zhang Lingfu cemetery, located in Shaanxi city in Xi’an Province, the southern suburbs of Changan District Qinling Mountains mountain mountain road and East (East Village) (Xiang Xiang Yu) road crossroads in the southeast corner of the intersection, Zhang Lingfu and his wife lady Xing Qiongying’s tomb. The cemetery tomb is yiguanzhong, May 2013 by the East Village built. In September 21st 7 pm, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter contacted a large East Village, the villagers told reporters BYD, half an hour before he had just visited the cemetery, the tombstone has traces of red paint, but most have been cleaned up, can not see it before leaving characters. (BYD trainee reporter Kong Linghan)相关的主题文章:

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