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Zuckerberg and his wife will spend $3 billion to cure all diseases – Sohu of science and technology Zuckerberg and his wife Pulli Sheila · Chen announced the establishment of a new project, named "Chen Zach Burke (Chan Zuckerberg Science) science", plans to invest in the next 10 years to $3 billion in basic science help cure and prevention and control of all disease. Last year, two people set up "Zuckerberg Chan" foundation, will provide $45 billion for the development of human potential and to promote equality, the announced "Chen Zach Burke science project, the foundation is by far the largest investment. Of which 600 million will be used to invest in the establishment of Biohub, which will be located near the University of California at Los Angeles, gathered scientists to conduct various types of research. 3 billion the distribution of investment as shown below, heart disease, infectious diseases, cancer and neurological diseases will account for the largest proportion, because they are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in humans. Route map of the entire project includes three parts: the scientists and engineers together to build tools and technology to expand the project to raise funds for scientific research Pulli Sheila · Chen is a pediatrician, she tells the patient that the people you love most terminally ill pain when Taiwan, tears of joy. "Do we want to cure, prevent, or control all diseases when our children are alive? Mark and I think it’s possible." She said. Zuckerberg said: "this is a big goal, at first we thought it was too radical. But when you do research, you will find that modern medicine is a subject that has been around for only about a century." Two people believe that the cure for all diseases is possible. NYT Via相关的主题文章:

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