Xinjiang, Bachu, the side of the supply side of the reform of sustainable poverty alleviation-yuanjiao

Xinjiang Bachu power supply side reform of agricultural sustainable poverty – Beijing Beijing in September 1 Bachu Xinhua (reporter Zhu Jingzhao) 1 days, from the Xinjiang Bachu field picked 25 tons of "a cane two melon" after two days and two nights of travel, arrived in Xi’an, then packed to express the hands of subscribers. "Two vine melon" is the beginning of this year in Bachu county to implement standardized cultivation of the "Cook worship hot melon, melon is green, the local people think that this is the role of fire and melon. But in previous years, there is no standard for farmers to grow, a vine knot melon, size varies, product quality is affected, sales are not good. At the beginning of this year, Xinjiang Kashi Weijidaninong product promotion company reached an agreement with farmers, according to the standard of planting, unified purchase by the company. June, the company and Shanghai Yuanjiang headquarters in Bachu headquarters in Shanghai and Hangzhou and other places to promote, and opened the online sales. "Now sold out 350 tons, to October, to be completed 500 tons of sales plan, but can not fully meet the online orders, the company’s general manager Liu Jingwen said, the biggest beneficiaries of standardized planting are farmers, they are selling price is higher than in previous years. It is understood that this is only one of the county’s agricultural supply side structural reform initiatives. The early years of the implementation of the small courtyard garden vegetables, raising livestock and poultry, make up the market short board, improve the income of farmers. The 1 reporters in Bachu County Xiang Wu Si Tang Bei Xi Cun Xia Mahler AI Sha? Mohammad home to see his family, Anju Fu houses 82 square meters, nearly an acre of land at the beginning of formation of the courtyard courtyard size, left corner is the housing, there are 8 sheep, 5 of them are the national animal husbandry special fund the poor sheep ", there are 20 dove. The central courtyard is a vegetable, tomato, pepper, eggplant well. Aisha? Mohammad told reporters, Anju Fu houses were built last year, the national and Xinjiang subsidies 28 thousand and 500 yuan last year, the yard is very messy, the township government and the village working group out of bricks and cement, to help his family flat courtyard, built walls, large yard, and also planted vegetables. Vegetables for their own use and export can be increased by 4000 yuan, by the end of the sheep can earn $4000, he said. Bachu county Party Secretary He Qiang said that through the transformation of the small courtyard, the county more than 100 thousand acres of land, equivalent to an average of more than 90 thousand acres of land per household increased by more than 1 acres. "Bachu transferred from the field each year hundreds of thousands of tons of vegetables and 150 thousand sheep, small courtyard to meet the needs of the local market, increasing the income of farmers". He Qiang said that the goal of poverty alleviation in Bachu county is the end of 2016, to achieve the poor families do not worry about eating, worry about wearing, to protect their compulsory education, basic medical care and safe housing. Agricultural supply side reform is helping the county sustainable poverty. (end)相关的主题文章:

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