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Xinjiang folding UAV officially unveiled the country will have 4999 yuan version of Tencent digital news (Yokii) Xinjiang two days ago in New York has just released the folding portable new UAV Mavic, in accordance with the Convention, Xinjiang or at home once again released this product. Due to the parameters of the function and the price of what has been announced, so the product itself is actually no suspense, we first look at Xinjiang today announced what we do not know it. 1, in addition to the price has been announced before the 6499, Xinjiang yesterday also announced another price: $4999. This price is the price of only buy the aircraft, it is estimated that does not include remote control and other accessories. 2, Xinjiang Mavic supports micro-blog live, users can also directly to the aerial flight live broadcast on micro-blog. Let’s talk about the product. In the Mavic before the show, I believe many people for the understanding of the portable UAV are low-end version of UAV, low cost, short battery life, less function has almost become the inherent labels of these products, however, Xinjiang is obviously not think so, in Mavic this small body, Xinjiang forced into all the elves 4, even let people have a feeling: it is Xinjiang opened a new line, rather than Xinjiang in professional UAV miniaturization is another important step on the road. Xinjiang "Royal" product introduction hardware, folding Mavic weighs 743 grams, the side bag can be put into knapsack in the body with three axis machine head and 4K camera, image transmission technology new collocation, support 1080P 720P real-time video transmission, effective figure given the official transfer distance reached 7 km. In the spirit of 4 highly acclaimed "visual system" has been moved to Mavic, even made a further upgrade in two, Mavic in front of the camera body can help the machine to see objects in front 15 meters, fast flight 10m s, can take the initiative to avoid obstacles in front of the plane. The bottom of the machine vision positioning system has basically become Xinjiang all standard products, with dual-mode satellite positioning, can effectively enhance the stability of the plane, in order to make flying more reliable, Xinjiang Mavic also added in the set of redundant sensors to avoid sensor failure made fried machine, machine can maximum flight speed stability 18m reached S. While such a into many functions, and very small machines, the life time remains in 27 minutes, you know a lot of similar products because the machine is small and had to shorten battery life to 10 minutes. Although the new machine supports mobile phone control, but still to Xinjiang Mavic is equipped with a remote control more accurate, allowing the aircraft to fly farther, since the aircraft are small, remote control must have a smaller, but the machine itself emphasizes portability, this small remote controller can only use mobile phone collocation. In addition, Xinjiang also brought a little surprise: DJI Goggles FPV glasses, the user can connect the Mavic through the head wearing glasses, experience the first angle of flight. From the point of view of the scene, this is me.相关的主题文章:

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