Xinyang Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 3 in violation of the provisions of the centra-chompoo araya

Xinyang discipline bulletin 3 from the typical problems violate the provisions of the central eight – Henan – original title: Xinyang Municipal Commission bulletin 3 from the central eight provisions violate the spirit of the typical problems Zhengzhou on 9 October, according to the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection news, recently, Xinyang City Commission for Discipline Bulletin 3 from the violation of the provisions of the central eight typical problems the spirit of 8 Party members and cadres punished or being interviewed, admonishing conversation. The captain of 1, deputy director of the Pingqiao District Ping Dong Office Party Working Committee, Peng Hong, deputy director of the office of Chen Jinzhu, East Ping Ping Dong Office of law enforcement brigade Sun Chongbing in a restaurant to play cards with color problem. In September 6, 2016, Peng Hong, Chen Jinzhu, Sun Chongbing three people involved in the play with color playing cards in Binhu are a small restaurant, was seized by public security organs and administrative penalties. In September 2016, Pingqiao District Commission for Discipline Inspection to Peng Hong, Chen Jinzhu, Sun Chongbing party a serious warning, and will make further processing; leadership responsibility for the Ping Dong office party secretary Li Guangquan admonishing conversation, be interviewed to bear the responsibility for supervision of Ping Dong Office Secretary Zhang Ying. 2, Huaibin County Health Bureau to township health centers sharing entertainment and other issues. 2012-2015, Huaibin County Health Bureau allocated 198 thousand yuan to township hospitals. Another investigation, then the county health bureau Party Secretary Zheng Feng accepting illegal gifts 3000 yuan of the unit staff. August 2016, Huaibin County Commission for Discipline Inspection were given to the County Health Bureau, former party secretary, Secretary Zheng Feng and in charge of the financial work of the county health bureau Party committee member Wu Changping party warning. 3, Longhu, Xixian County Bay community members Zhang Zhixin illegal reception and other issues. June 2015, Zhang Zhixin during the construction of the Yin Bay community to accept the power plant during the reception, and receive gifts two Yuxi tobacco, discount $400. December 2015, Longhu Office of the Party committee to give Zhang Zhixin party a serious warning. (end) (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Xu Caihong)相关的主题文章:

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