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Xu Jiayin poker circle holdings Vanke has approached 10% Hengda placards before Vanke App approached Sina Finance: Live on-line bloggers to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu source: surging surging news reporter Zhou Qijin Xu Jiayin cards friends, still two market holdings Vanke H. In August 30th, the Hongkong stock exchange information shows that the land (01224.hk) President Zhang Songqiao’s Nexus Capital Management Limited in August 24th to continue to buy Vanke H (02202.hk), the H has held Vanke to 151775844 shares, accounting for 11.54% of the total share capital Vanke H. Its holding cost of HK $19.947 shares, the total cost of HK $3 billion 27 million. In addition, the new world group of the Zheng Jiachun family "Queen’s broker" Ding Pei securities holdings Vanke H accounted for 1.29%. Vanke H shares accounted for 11.91% of the total shares of Vanke shares, which means that Zhang Songqiao and currently holds a total of Vanke A of $1.53%. As of August 15th, China Hengda Group (03333.HK) Vanke A up to 236 million shares, accounting for about 30% of the total share capital of vanke. This means that the total number of licensed friends will hold a total of 8.35% Vanke A. It is not yet known whether the recent half of the Hengda continue to overweight. Zhang Songqiao and Zheng Department of Jiachun Hengda chairman Xu Jiayin poker is the "D" members, it is reported that Zheng Jiachun is very big because of love, often with friends "hoe D" as "D", members include Xu Jiayin, Zhang Songqiao, and uni-pacific (0127) chairman Joseph Lau. The latter had been in trouble in 2008, when the plight of Hengda to lend a helping hand. Since Indian intervention Vanke management right dispute, outside of their intent is always unknown so. In August 30th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s interactive trading platform, Vanke asked whether Hengda placards communicate, Vanke responded that before buying Vanke A Hengda, Hengda has communication with Vanke A, called the shareholders hope. As of now, the treasure Department of 25.40% stake, Huarun group holding 15.29%, 6.82% stake in Hengda department, Ampang Holdings 6.18%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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