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Web-Design Yahoo Store is lifeline of the small to medium online business who wants to run their e-.merce on internet. In this series I shall depict the most possible features of Yahoo Store that can help to build and customized the store very well. In first part I would like to target the products, which is a vital .ponent of any e.merce store. Images In online business customers never touch the real product therefore it is necessary to put good quality images of your product in your virtual store so your clients can judge the product very well. There are infinite possibilities to show images of your product so let"s evaluate the most possible features of Yahoo Store to show your product images. Image Gallery You can upload the whole image gallery to your Yahoo store. You can show images of your products to your customers or can show images of whole range of products. This way you can improve the marketing strategy. Zoom Magnifier To get best view of product and its details zooming in is essential. A magnifying of product is possible with this feature. Multiple Images Many a time placing just one image is not sufficient to visualize the product well. You are to give images of product from various angles and in different colors therefore, this feature will help you better way. You can place unlimited product images along with the main product image. These extra images appear as thumbnails beside the main product image, and each thumbnail opens a popup containing the enlarged image. With this feature you can give weight to higher priced item. Multiple Images with Roll over Effect This is similar to Multiple Images Add-on feature of Yahoo. But this version let your customers to view additional image when mouse roll over the thumbnail of that image when the thumbnail is clicked a popup opens containing the larger, detailed product image. There is no need to reload the whole page again so you can save time of your customer and help them to take quick decision of purchase. Multiple Images with Roll over Swap This is another way to show multiple images. Each image is enlarged in a stylish way when just mouse over. An image shown on the main area of the product page acts as a handler "" where hovering mouse over it opens up a tiny portion of a layer "" showing enlarged version of the portion of the image where the mouse is pointing on main image. The additional images needs to be clicked and they"re swapped with main image area "" which allows the visitor to rollover and see enlarged version of each additional image the same way. Large Image on Product Pages with Layers The larger product image gets displayed right on the page itself with the help of layers. There is no pop up so need not to worry about pop up blocker. It gives your yahoo store more professional look and shows your product images in a proficient manner. Flash Image Viewer Flash Image viewer is a special re sizable flash element that can be used to load and view images. Flash is the best way to produce images of your product in a dynamic and an interactive way. Recent development of Papervision 3D Flash give opportunity to present you images in 3D like. Flash Banner The best way to promote a product is to show it animated. This way you can highlight the important or new arrived product on your pages especially on home page. On other pages animated catchy flash banner in the middle of the text filled page will attract more eyes. Appealing Flash Banner Design can convey your message in proficient manner. In next part we will see the product enhancement features other than images. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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