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Princess Yang Mi head fire star loves a soft sister hair lead: princess head this modified by many popular actress, Yang Mi, Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Yuqi in the head of a modified version of the comb princess, princess head English translation is Improved version modified version of the of princess head, then we referred to as the princess IV head. (source: PClady) from the princess princess head of Western Europe in the fairy tale image, basically is the hair hair, forehead bangs cut out, the rest down, but with the changes in fashion, the princess is no longer maintained before the head of the status quo, the stylists will head the improved version of the popular features of the princess according to different hairstyle design of each quarter, the princess head can also be short and there can be no bangs. Princess IV head can easily create a romantic feeling, as long as the face side bangs, all or part of the backward bandha or tie braid, the rest down, can make you smart Xian Qi, a second. Such a beautiful hairstyle, Yang Mi and Dongyu Zhou have changed. Yang Mi turned away Princess IV bangs head age ~ Tang Yixin liu Tie braid turned IV princess head, cute, looks more natural than half ball head. Before Dongyu Zhou’s hair into meatball head, then replaced the princess IV head, Dongyu Zhou more beautiful, with an aura of different with others. Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni Milan fashion blogger Chiara replaced Liu Qi, after the princess IV comb head age, look younger. 3 reasons to make you fall in love with the princess head one advantage: by age N years old IV princess head can reach good effect by age, but not like the half ball head slightly naive by age is just perfect. Gan Tingting advantage two: modification of the brain type of girl’s brain is not too much, IV princess is a natural sense of fluffy after the brain, so that it can be a good modification of the flat brain type, look more plump. Dongyu Zhou has three: change the hairline and due to environmental stress, many people now have the phenomenon of hair, after a lot of mother baby will appear the phenomenon of hair, Princess IV is head face beside the bangs, all or part of the braided or tied back pack, put Liu Haihui in more than natural the visual hairline clever move. Tang Yixin looked at the PC sauce introduced so many IV princess head, then comb IV princess head of the focus on what is it? In fact, there is no fixed IV princess style, but there are three key points, PC sauce for you to sum up. 1. The effort in bangs, all or part of 2 braided or tied back pack. In addition to the 3 natural hair bangs outside. The head of the hair to the natural peng! According to this rule, PC sauce to recommend you to a number of IV princess head, short hair and long hair can find your hair. Short paragraph IV princess head short paragraph IV princess head (picture source network) princess head is no longer the patent of long hair, short hair can comb Princess head. Short IV princess head (figure.相关的主题文章:

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