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Yellow book: G20 national innovation competitiveness ranking China ranked No. 9- Sohu financial Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 25 August, (reporter Yang Weihan) "in the group of twenty (G20) national innovation competitiveness report (2015 — 2016)" beige book released in Beijing on 25 may. The United States, Britain, Japan, ranked twenty in the group (G20) members of the top three, China ranked ninth, is the only one in the top ten countries in the G20 group. This yellow book is Party School of the Central Committee of the International Institute for strategic studies, China science and technology exchange center and Fujian Normal University joint research unit. It is understood that "the group of twenty (G20) national innovation competitiveness report" — since 2009, this is already the fourth time release. The researchers according to the actual members of the innovation and development of the G20 group, the G20 construction of national innovation competitiveness evaluation index system and evaluation model, according to the scientific, objective and systematic, comparability, evaluation and analysis of the national innovation competitiveness, and to provide reference for G20 members to enhance national innovation ability. Yellow paper pointed out, by comparing the 2013 to 2014 G20 national innovation competitiveness score changes, the overall level of national innovation competitiveness G20 showed a rising trend, indicating that these G20 members from the predicament of the economic crisis as soon as possible in order to achieve a resumption of growth, take innovation strategy, promote innovation capability. The analysis shows that the average score of the national innovation competitiveness Chinese national innovation competitiveness score is higher than that of G20, China as developing countries on the national innovation competitiveness rankings, China that in recent years, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy has achieved remarkable results, effectively enhance the national innovation competitiveness. On the "book China steady growth and the future through innovation and seeking new power reference." The State Council Development Research Center, deputy director Long Guoqiang said, "China to catch up in the field of new technology revolution, but also make full use of new technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, make good use of global resources and markets, to further promote structural reform, provide institutional guarantee for innovation." Li Minrong, director of the center for evaluation of science and technology in China, said: China and the world economy is becoming more and more integrated, the impact of each other is growing. In the context of the global financial crisis, China’s economic growth has made important contributions to the stability and development of the world economy. In the future, from the economic relationship between China’s economy and the world economy, especially with the members of the G20 group, the trend of common development is becoming more and more prominent." In the conference, also held a "group of twenty (G20) joint research center ceremony, and strive to improve the level of G20 in a high starting point. Author: Yang Weihan source Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章:

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