Yongxiu police case to kill a reward bonus to 200 thousand neighbors and his father was stabbed viper12a

Yongxiu police killing case reward to 200 thousand father and son stabbed another neighbor – Beijing China Jiangxi Reuters reporter Zheng Zhouyun trainee reporter Huang Sinong reported: in October 29th, about 11:30, Jiangxi province Jiujiang Yongxiu County Detention Center police Huang Guifu to work through a supermarket door Tu Bu Zhen was killed. 29 late at night, China Jiangxi network reporter to get the latest news is that the suspect bears the world after committing the crime went straight to the neighbor Xiong Zhongfang home, stabbed Xiong Zhongfang and his son after the bear fled. Currently, Yongxiu police are trying to chase the suspect, but also from the original reward 50 thousand yuan to $200 thousand. According to surveillance video Chinese Jiangxi network show, the police Huang Guifu umbrella, hand carrying a barrel of oil is, walk along the street, a black man suspected of using the tool from the rear by Huang Guifu, stabbed at least 6 knife, causing Huang Guifu fell dead. It is understood that the bear shipped the world had been hurt because of the case at the end, several times in prison, while his wife left, leaving a more than and 10 year old son. Usually only more than and 60 year old father and stepmother in the village, I own almost did not come back. Where the suspects director Jian Hua Cun Xiang Deng Shian told reporters this triangle of Beijing News reporter, attacked the police in the county, the bears at around 11:40 the first exhumation distance of about 5 kilometers outside the village, "go home to find a stepmother took a piece of clothing." After holding a butcher knife into the previously had disputes of the neighbors, stabbed neighbors China and bear the bear. That night, Jiujiang Public Security Bureau Command Center released information also confirmed this: 11:55 on October 29th, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau received the alarm again, in front of the village of Yongxiu County Jianhua triangle Youzha, two were stabbed by a knife. According to preliminary investigation, the victim Xiong Zhongfang, Xiong Wen (father and son relationship, both bear the world’s neighbors) identified as stabbed by Xiong Yunshi. After asking the injured, did not find its obvious contradiction. Two injured people are Yongxiu County People’s Hospital for treatment, one of the more serious injuries, no life-threatening treatment. After investigation, the suspect bears the world September 19, 2003 for robbery by the Yongxiu County People’s court sentenced to five years in April 1, 2010, found guilty of intentional assault by the Yongxiu County People’s court sentenced to six years. It is understood that the deceased Huang Guifu Department of Yongxiu County police detention center, the police have not served directly during the detention bears in the guard. The net was 29 PM in Yongxiu "offering a reward of 50 thousand yuan wanted to escape the murder suspect riding a red cross type" Qianjiang Motorcycle "reported the matter, according to the latest news, the case of the reward from the previous 50 thousand yuan increased to 200 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章:

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