Youku potatoes and another executives to join the music as the music as CFO-3edyy

Youku potatoes and LETV executives joined Wu Hui as LETV CFO Wu Hui holding Phoenix Technology News August 30th news, yesterday’s news that the original one group (Youku potatoes group CFO Wu Hui) has joined LETV holdings as CFO, Phoenix reporters on the matter to the music as holding confirmation, the other confirmed that Wu Hui has indeed joined the music as holding. However, the music, as the holding side said that although Wu Hui joined the music as holding has been some time, but it has always maintained a low profile, did not conduct propaganda on the matter. According to public information, before joining Youku, Wu Hui served as vice president of Lenovo Group, China and Asia Pacific emerging markets CFO, is responsible for China and the Asia Pacific region, as well as domestic joint ventures, wholly owned companies. After Wu was also greater China Microsoft served as senior finance director and chief financial officer of Lenovo Mobile position. May 2015, Youku potatoes appointed Wu Hui as senior vice president and chief financial officer. Youku potatoes executives to join the music, Wu Hui is not the first person. It is reported that in October 2015, Li Li, former vice president of Youku potatoes leave, joined the company as a listed company LETV, and served as senior vice president and chief editor of the content of the music network.相关的主题文章:

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