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Yuandufushu? Wang Yawei completely withdraw from the massive reduction of FAW FAW Xiali Wang Yawei Shishuwunai withdrawal move, held nearly two years the overall market is expected to achieve. "FAW" There are still repercussions. just released semi annual report, this year, has been strongly optimistic about the FAW car (10.59 +0.09%, bid), FAW Xiali (5.08 shares buy) the overall listing of the former raised a brother, Wang Yawei, has a massive withdrawal of two stocks, FAW car completely out of the top ten shareholders of circulation, and the reduction of FAW Xiali with nearly half. Semi annual report shows that the two companies continued losses, weak sales, at the same time the company personnel shocks constantly, and has yet to announce a solution with the competition scheme, its future more whirling. Wang Yawei withdrawal is really helpless, holding nearly two years of gambling is difficult to achieve the overall market is expected. The two quarter Wang Yawei has massive withdrawal of "FAW" because said unable to fulfill promised to resolve intra industry competition, "FAW" listed companies in the middle of this year, the storm continued, FAW car, FAW Xiali shares have plummeted, the well-known private investors who participate in the general meeting of shareholders to safeguard their rights, the management of dramatic changes and so on. The fund Jun found in the storm is not flat on the occasion, once Wang Yawei has raised a substantial reduction of the "FAW" stock. FAW car report shows that Wang Yawei Administration Foreign Trade Trust – Yun Feng securities investment, foreign trade trust – Yun Feng No. 3 has disappeared, and in the first quarter of this year, the two products were holding 30 million 750 thousand shares of FAW car, 12 million 785 thousand and 700 shares, accounting for the proportion of tradable shares were 2.18%, 0.91%. The direct exit of the top ten tradable shareholders, it is obvious that Wang Yawei’s reduction is very large, at least less than 7 million 390 thousand shares (the number of shares held by the tenth shareholders). FAW car in this stock, Wang Yawei this time very firm. At the same time, FAW Xiali report shows that Wang Yawei has to retreat, foreign trade trust – Yun Feng securities investment, foreign trade trust – Yun Feng No. 3, 1000 paper cranes – stone capital No. 1 two quarter the number of shares fell to 10 million 529 thousand and 300 shares, 15 million 689 thousand and 800 shares, 12 million 720 thousand shares, while the original holdings less foreign trade trust – Yun Feng No. 2 is directly out of the top ten shareholders of circulation. Compared to the first quarter of the year in Wang Yawei, FAW Xiali holdings more than 30 million shares, nearly half. Such a big reduction, that brother is already very not optimistic about the various manifestations of "FAW". Five years to solve the competition with the promise has not fulfilled, the elder brother is also optimistic about the reorganization of listed. Auto sales downturn, declining competitiveness, performance bleak, FAW Xiali first half operating income of 1 billion 3 million yuan, down 50.93%, net profit of 519 million yuan loss; FAW car first half net loss of 826 million yuan, representing a decrease of 613.64%. The stock fell one after another, the FAW car two quarter fell more than 22%, FAW Xiali fell nearly 20%, now at low levels. HR executives of severe shocks, resignation, including the chairman, directors, chairman of the board of supervisors, the future more whirling. As for why there will be left chips, fund Jun guess, may be.相关的主题文章:

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