Yunnan 2.4 meters Cobra squatter King multi dispatched captured new network –

Yunnan 2.4 meters Cobra squatter King multi dispatched captured new network – released Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) the day before, a nearly 2.4 meters Cobra wandering in Xinping County of Yunnan province a farmer under the roof, after the patient is hiding in one hour before the police, was eventually captured. 17:30 on August 15th Xu, forest Xinping County Public Security Bureau police on duty received a report said: "the old Mr. Han Xiang Li Xinping County home and found a snake, and was said to be cobra." Taking into account the attack and the way the needs of serpents, Xinping senjing immediately with the local township forestry station, contacted the police station, sent staff to the scene, do security work. Immediately, the forest police immediately assigned to catch the snake experience police rushed to the scene. According to the owner Mr. Lee introduced: "just want to cook, I saw a big snake from inside the bedroom has climbed to the roof, outside here, a head from time to time," look at you ". The police carefully observed, the house is a wooden structure, bottom made of mud brick, probably at the top of the house, in all directions, plus time and relatively tight, the line of sight is not very good, very difficult to catch a snake. To catch a snake, must lift the holes in the roof on both sides, as long as it can appear, on the implementation of the arrest. After the owner and discuss with local staff in the vicinity of the village under the burrow in two places with a snake, but did not find what. The serpent seems to disappear, what was in the anxious state. It’s hard to find a snake if it’s gone. At this time, a forest police thought: do not have to wear a hole in the water snake? Maybe after the snake, the snake will crawl out. Dry and dry. The police immediately find the pipe (rubber) through a hole drilled into it, after a while, smugglers from another hole out. The snake police, immediately with a clip of the past. Because people step on the stairs, so that the force, there is no accurate clip in the seven inch position. The snake in midair, claws, not captured. Police decided to pull it out on the ground to solve the problem. The snake reaches the ground, quickly press the seven inch, successfully captured the serpent. After the measurement, the snake king cobra, 2.65 meters in length, circumference of 16 cm, with field survival ability, is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world, has been included in the "international trade in endangered species Convention" appendix II list. The expert reminds, indoor anti snake, we can take the method of sulfur powder, garlic and placed to drive the snake, if found the snake in the house, should promptly call the police calls, away from the snake, and good safety precautions, waiting for disposal of forest police. To work in the field, high-heeled shoes (boots), wearing long trousers, wearing a hat, fasten the collar and cuff, also can put some realgar powder or powder sulfur in the upper, the snake smell will naturally retreat in the mountains; if chased by the snake, should run uphill along the direction of "Z" the zigzag route, because the snake bone is nodular, turning to run fast; the villagers should keep the house clean and tidy, sprinkle some realgar powder or sulfur powder in the corner, the snake will not get into the house; do not disturb when encountered snakes.相关的主题文章:

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