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Zhang Shouying: cultural self-confidence is the root of the theory of self-confidence – Theory – the people of the "root" meaning for the theory, including the breadth of the basic scope, the depth of the source of thought and the length of the impact of time. Cultural self-confidence is a more basic, more profound, more lasting self-confidence, contain and highlight the "three degrees", so the root of the theory of self-confidence. The traditional Chinese literati "poetry and literature abdominal gas from China show confidence. From the relationship between cultural confidence and confidence theory, "abdominal literature" is the foundation of "gas from China" or "theory" from China is confident the result and performance. Cultural scope as broad as the sea, including material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization, ecological civilization, etc.. Chinese love tea, the Russians like drinking, Americans can not put down the gun, and so on, the cultural subordination. According to the cultural logic theory belongs to the culture, is a kind of culture; the first culture, have theory, as the first root, another tree; body mass culture, resources, theory of inexhaustible vitality, full of youthful spirit; culture, stimulate theory tree thrive. The theory is a kind of related values, abstract or special cultural logic of natural science, though not so stylized, symbolic history so fine system, then the art images, lifestyle so specific, but leave them, "only under the logic of" if only "; the theory and theory, the theory of confidence should only be the sky". The theory is not spinach, but the crystallization of culture, the lighthouse stands in the ocean culture. In 1973, Toynbee put forward a famous argument, that the Chinese civilization is the only thing in the world without interruption and the end of civilization, the spirit of cosmopolitanism, humanistic values, will become the world civilization hope and future. As one grasped the theme. "or" iceberg ", the theory of world history from the broad and profound culture, from his research on the history of the world is solid and in-depth study from the history, so many scholars of history as the acme of perfection". His cultural self-confidence, academic self-confidence prompted him to generate theoretical confidence, to make such a conclusion. Existence decision consciousness. When there is the history of material and consciousness into historical culture, become "there is consciousness" in history, has become a source of theory, theory of reflection of an object, the refined theory of a furnace, a theory of linked elements, a theory of confidence and capital resources. History tells us that culture is not only the theory of "charger", is the theory of "engine", the cultural heritage of the cultural power of the size, thickness, depth of cultural studies often determines the theoretical depth and thickness, the strength of the theory of confidence. The theory is the essence of culture and confluence was only a long history, incorruptible energy. The pre Qin "from the previous all classes of authors", the traditional culture and the social culture, the evolution of the splendid Chinese civilization, a cultural tradition and our cultural genes. Back, saying "Huineng had no one, where the dust", has been highly recognized by Wuzu, illiterate, not when he was exceptional promotion as his successor. Huineng lost his father at 3, was poor, selling wood on the traditional culture of monasteries in particular)相关的主题文章:

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