Zheng Lei safflower is still good to let green leaves three points pretty rhythm

Zheng Lei: Well then let the leaves safflower needs three of the Sina Hong Kong columnist Zheng Lei WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) of Hong Kong stocks compared with A shares, a red, a green leaf, the mainland investors began to move to view to Hong kong. Hong Kong stocks and A share investors have a common ground, that is, do not know each other. Hong Kong media yesterday in an interview with reporters in a telephone interview, said my views on the recent Hong Kong stocks. Hong Kong stocks and A shares compared to a red flower, a green leaf, mainland investors began to move to the Xiangjiang river. Hong Kong stocks and A share investors have a common ground, that is, do not know each other. But this separation for A shares of retail investors, is not a big problem. As long as you have the effect of making the rich, natural attracted funds across the river. But, after all, the mainland has a "capital outflow" knot, so A shares and Hong Kong stocks, the competitive relationship must exist. Safflower is good, can not be too embarrassing for the green leaves, this is a reflection of the point of view. Another is that, due to the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the gap between perception and reality, many investors suddenly found myself left behind, to catch up with the emergency, but also fear the price is too high, but Hong Kong stocks do some more so empty, all kinds of soft (and spread the news report, the stock market and so on, mouth hard (recommended) sell stock and stock index etc.) will take turns playing, so, for the market, can not be careless. In short, I think 9-10 months, the external bad news is less, and the South more money (do not just look at the Shanghai and Hong Kong through this road), short and mixed market bullish, natural fluctuations. The key is that investors must have the opinion, to understand the drift, timely cash income, do not panic. Some investment bank analysts work hand too obvious, and some stock of human zapan, these situations, A stock investors already have experience, not detailed here, just to remind everybody to pay attention. The Hong Kong Shenzhen Tong is still the layout stage, mainly South of funds for institutional investors, because of the size of funds, must do the "bed" configuration, so the large blue chip market must be configured. After the gradual allocation of medium cap stocks. Small and medium-sized stock has been speculation, that there is a part of retail money wise have been involved, but from the Hong Kong daily turnover of less than HK $100 billion, mainland retail funds background is probably still on the road, or are still waiting to see. After the Shenzhen opened, Hongkong should be in the daily turnover of about HK $200 billion. This column is established at the end of April "and the sheep game port A shares simulation combination" this week rapid opening, closing yesterday has been increased to 75%, to set goals at the beginning of the week. The Hong Kong stock market sentiment is high, so look at the Hang Seng Index 25000 points, the index 13500 points, while the red chip index, Hang Seng MIDCAP index, the Hang Seng Index of small stocks and at least 10% of the increase in security. But in front of the reasons mentioned, ready at 25000 points below, high cash, the position will be reduced to about 40%. In stock selection, quality standard configuration of A shares in Hong Kong is not less, there are only more than and 30 preliminary count. For these stock positions, should be cautious, because once pulled, it is prone to a step late, don’t chase)相关的主题文章:

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