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Zheng Xu high-speed operation of the national railway traffic today again in Figure – Beijing, Beijing, Beijing in September 10, today, connect East and west railway trunk lines Zheng Xu high-speed railway will be officially opened operations, once again improved Chinese high-speed rail network, the eastern and western people’s high speed rail travel is more convenient. At the same time, starting today, Zheng Xu high-speed rail opened the impact of the national railway once again usher in a major adjustment of the operation chart. Data figure: users in the Xuzhou east station platform self photo. Zhou Xiaoyun photo: new name card Chinese high iron Zheng Xu Gaotie today launched today, the concern of the Zheng Xu high-speed railway opened to traffic, which lasted more than 3 years of completion of high iron, is an important part of the national high high speed rail network. Zheng Xu high-speed railway through Henan, Anhui, three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhengzhou west station, Xuzhou east station, a total investment of 47 billion 980 million yuan, the line length of 361.937 km, including 252.826 km of Henan Province, Anhui Province, Jiangsu Province, 35.675 km 73.436 km. The line is located east of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, North Lan Kaonan, North Shangqiu, South Dangshan, civil rights, Yongcheng north, Xiaoxian north, Xuzhou East 9 station, the Zhengzhou station and Xuzhou station for metro station, Shangqiu Railway Station to station expansion speed field, the other 6 stations for the new station. Zhengzhou station, Shangqiu Railway Station, Xuzhou railway station is a HSR Station Xu zheng. Although this high-speed rail line is not long, but it connects the high-speed rail network connecting East and west of China, a series of significant. In addition, the line in the experimental stage of the operation also hit the train at 420 kilometers per hour intersection operation of the world record for China’s high-speed rail to create a new business card. Chinese railway hospital Zheng Xu high-speed railway commander Chen Chang to the media, Zheng Xu high-speed railway is different from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail type, previous track type introduction of foreign technology, and the Zheng Xu high-speed railway ballastless track system is completely new products with independent intellectual China property, which means that China high-speed rail going to have more independent intellectual property products. The picture is Zheng Xugao railway Dangshan station. Bi Kan Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed camera for iron "handshake" Shanghai to Xi’an in just 6 hours Zheng Xu high-speed rail, greatly shorten the eastern region to the central and western regions of Shandong, Jiangsu, the distance, Anhui take the high-speed rail to Zhengzhou, Xi’an time is reduced, but also facilitate people walk to the East in the West the. Zheng Xu high-speed railway and has been operating in the Zheng Xi, West Po, Lanzhou high-speed rail and the construction of BOLN high iron, a new high standard and large capacity of the Eurasian Continental Bridge transport channel, and is communicated with the Beijing Shanghai and Beijing Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, mussels and other high-speed rail has been operating, the China high speed rail network to further improve. According to the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau released the news, Zheng Xu high-speed rail after the opening of the operation, there will be 116 times a day high-speed rail train from east to West direction. The Zheng Xu high-speed railway which links the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail link, starting from Zhengzhou, to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hefei, Nanjing, Wuxi and many other city will have direct access to high-speed rail. In the case of Zhengzhou and Shanghai, Zheng Xu相关的主题文章:

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