Zhu Bishi returned to Wang Junkai small princess dresses are hot metrosexual man eye is amazing replays.net

Zhu Bishi returned to Wang Junkai small princess dresses are hot metrosexual man eye is amazing? Lead: they wear dresses already metrosexual man not what happens, but recently even TFboys Wang Junkai in the sun out of the "little princess" style, let netizens some trouble. To see so many of the metrosexual man women’s shape, they are amazing or spicy eyes? (Editor: Gon Freecss @ the little princess Wang Junkai turned off the meat) such a young age is the first to have said to our surprise Wang Junkai. Recently, only three in captain Wang Junkai was in the micro-blog in the sun out of their women’s shape, also said his new style for the little princess. That the artistic temperament of the fashionable young? The style has become too fast, a little bit out of editing. Wang Yuan’s other king source with a combination of other metrosexual man another little Wang source has metrosexual man, show a dress style. Wang Yuan’s dress model not only tied up the braid, still wearing a hair band playful. This is still a small age has been able to easily control a variety of uniforms temptation Wang source? Male and female version, which one do you like best? Zhu Bishi Show Luo, who is to say that the most successful candidate metrosexual man disguised as a woman? There is only one answer, that is, Show Luo. Women’s version of Show Luo not only have their own style of dress, there is a resounding name that is zhu! The pig has recently recorded the MV with Zhu Bishi’s style, which is really beautiful, but it’s hard to stop laughing. Zhu Bishi expression package summary, do not take Tao Tao Xie Tao Tao recently appeared frequently in other women’s metrosexual man reality show, in the "real man 2" successfully suck powder Huang Zitao, play dress so ladies fan children. Is it only the editor felt the female version of Tao Tao is more beautiful? Huang Bo’s eyes Huang Bo Hsu Chi with spicy board cover of course, even the fashion tide uncles metrosexual man wearing a dress, also not necessarily is stunning, with clean distinction there are stocks, debris flow. But Huang Bo is definitely metrosexual man circles of debris flow. It is with the goddess Hsu Chi Huang Bo with the board’s fashion magazine cover this tide uncle, greasy women’s shape, some people really can not see. Zheng Kai Zheng Kai and other women to become "the first lady" Zheng Kai, there is no beauty where. Imagine a "makeup" into the palace face collocation small cheetah muscular figure that, like a pair of live version of "King Kong Bobbi". Such a small cheetah, you still love it? Statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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