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Zidane this season% over the same period the title refers to the sword record KO handsome Enrique [C] a report out of Real Madrid 2-0 Ping Luo Luo Ben J Liga record (data) from Real Madrid this season’s goal: 100 + win Tencent sports news September 20th on La Liga, Real Madrid continue to win the pace, the new season four matches, scoring 12 points however, Zidane also made a cross season 16 game winning streak, equalling Guardiola created the longest winning streak in the history of La liga. Spain "Marca" today wrote that Real Madrid in the new season in La Liga goal is to get the 100 points and won the title, and the "Aspen" data also pointed out that in a Real Madrid coach, Zidane record, Bean Rick and Simonyi points over the same period to. In the 2011-12 season, Mourinho’s Real Madrid that swept the Premier Zhu Qiang, the 38 round down, Real Madrid made 32 wins 4 flat 2 negative impressive record, scoring 121 goals conceded 32 goals, winning 100 points record. 2012-13 season, Basa (official website data) also get 100 points in the league, at the time of the record and Real Madrid, are 32 wins 4 flat 2 negative. "Marca" pointed out that Real Madrid next hope to replicate the 2011-12 season, the Milky Way warships from the current momentum, Zidane’s team have hope to accomplish, and the 100 points will be their goal. From the integral La Liga over the years, get 100 points is a firmly secure the title score, while Real Madrid has for many years out of the league, Zidane also hope to help the team to achieve this goal, and after he has repeatedly stressed that the focus of Real Madrid this season in La Liga is the dominate. Before Zidane took over Real Madrid, the Milky Way ships lost in the Madrid Derby was utterly routed, after Real Madrid trailed Barcelona 12 points, but Zidane did not give up, with Real Madrid played a 12 game winning streak, while his Real Madrid Barcelona will step by step, the title race was pulled back, while real Madrid did not win, but their morale impressive. According to statistics, "Aspen", in a Real Madrid coach after Zidane’s record is better than Simonyi and Enrique, in particular beyond Barcelona 7 points, 10 points beyond the atletico. In the 2015-16 season, Zidane led a team to score 53 points over the same period, Enrique scored 49 points, Ma Jing got 47 points over the same period, the new season, Zidane led team got 12 points, 9 points Enrique, Simonyi scored 8 points. Obviously, Zidane has the ability and the big two coach of breaking the wrist, even data shows that during his period, Zidane did a better job. (Brooke)相关的主题文章:

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