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Zuckerberg showed independent VR helmet support position tracking technology Zuckerberg Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg (MarkZuckerberg) today at OculusConnect Developers Conference showcase the company’s future mobile virtual reality technology. Zuckerberg through the video shows an independent virtual reality helmet prototype products, its iconic feature is location tracking. Video display, the new helmet seems to be an improved version of the Rift, the back of the embedded computing module. Position tracking technology enables the new helmet to know the position in the physical space, and accordingly adjust the display content. When viewing a 360 degree video, the user can only view the contents of a spherical view at a fixed point, but the position tracking technique enables the user to enjoy a different visual experience. Zuckerberg said that the development of the helmet is still in its early stages, but has been included in the company’s product launch plan. It is incredible that in the demo, this helmet is called "the price is not high". Position tracking technology before only in the high-end virtual reality helmet – such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PS VR, but the show’s new helmet, marking the Oculus will shrink between mobile and high-end virtual reality experience difference. Oculus is facing increasingly fierce competition in the field of mobile virtual reality helmet, especially from Google’s competition. Google earlier this week released a DaydreamView helmet. Last November, Oculus and Samsung jointly issued a new generation of Gear VR helmet. The prototype of the new virtual reality helmet shows that Oculus is no longer satisfied with the mobile virtual reality experience relying on smart phones, considering providing users with independent virtual reality experience. Oculus in the field of mobile virtual reality has a strong sense of presence, the main reason is to cooperate with Samsung and mobile operators, to purchase a compatible Samsung mobile phone users free of charge GearVR. Oculus May, said the company’s platform for more than 1 million monthly active users, the direct reason is that Samsung S7 subscription users to give Gear VR. Mobile location tracking technology has come out very early, but the key to Oculus technology is to reduce the impact on battery life. Oculus CTO John · (JohnCarmack); Carmack has repeatedly talked about this problem. Zuckerberg did not disclose the new virtual reality helmet may release time. (compile leaves)相关的主题文章:

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